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Our Story

Founder of Shee Beauty Bar Feminine Care Line, Sheena Johnson
Shee Beauty Bar was founded by Sheena Johnson, a licensed cosmetologist and salon/spa owner. As a cosmetologist, Sheena offered an array of beauty services. One of her top services was Brazilian waxing.

While waxing, her clients would often ask her about products they could use for ingrown hairs and dark marks. She would notice their insecurities and wanted to help. This led her to researching and educating herself on products and ingredients that would help in that area.

The more she researched and learn, the more she felt the need to create these products for her clients. She began with creating soaps that would help with treating and preventing ingrown hairs, reduce dark spots, dry and irritated skin, and regulating pH. As a result, Shee Beauty Bar (soap) was born.
Fast forward to today. Sheena is bringing a collection of feminine care products for all women, not just her clients. Her goal is to create all natural, skin loving products that will bring confidence back to women and their sacred temple. 

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